How to Clean a Monitor Screen?

How to Clean a Monitor Screen? Maintaining a spotless computer screen is crucial. When you do, it will last a long time and you can see everything on it much more clearly. It might be difficult to view and potentially damage the screen when there is dust, fingerprints, and smudges. So let’s learn how to properly clean it!

how to clean a monitor screen?

Understanding Your Monitor

There are various types of monitor screens, including LCD, LED, and OLED. Each type requires a unique approach to cleaning. It’s comparable to caring for various animals in various ways. In order to know how to clean your screen without creating any issues, it’s also a good idea to glance over the book that came with it. This will ensure that your screen is safe while being cleaned.

Getting What You Need to Clean

You’ll need a few items in order to properly clean your computer screen. These gentle objects won’t damage your screen:

  • A unique cloth known as a microfibre cloth
  • Useful water, such as distilled water
  • Isopropyl alcohol is a unique liquid (not too potent, about 70%).
  • A moderate air blower or a specific spray to remove dust


But take caution! Avoid using hard objects, potent beverages, or excessive amounts of water. They could damage your screen. Consequently, whenever you clean, be gentle.

Pre-cleaning Preparations

There are a few things to do to keep everything secure before you start cleaning:

  • Unplug your screen and turn it off. This is crucial to ensure that nothing is unintentionally ruined.
  • If your screen was previously on, allow it some time to cool down and relax. Screens also require a break after playing, just as you do.
  • To gently blow away any dust you see, use a specific air spray. This assists in clearing the screen’s dirt. similar to how you blow on food to cool it down!

When everything is ready, you can begin cleaning without any concerns.

Cleaning Your Screen Step by Step

If you properly follow these instructions, cleaning your computer’s screen will be simple:

1. Dry Cleaning

  • Get a soft cloth called a microfiber cloth for dry cleaning. On the screen, it is extremely delicate.
  • Start by lightly cleaning the screen. Like tracing a line with your finger, move the cloth in a straight line left to right.
  • This facilitates the removal of dirt and less firmly adhered objects.

2. Damp Cleaning

  • Don’t worry if the screen isn’t completely clean. With safe water, such as distilled water, you can slightly dampen the cloth.
  • Like previously, gently wipe the screen once again. Always keep your left and right directions straight.
  • Avoid flooding the screen with water and avoid directly spraying it. That’s equivalent to making a small splash instead of a big one on your screen.

3. Tough Stains

  • There may occasionally be areas that are quite challenging to clean. You can combine a small amount of water with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol if using a moist towel doesn’t work.
  • With this mixture moistened in a corner of the cloth, gently wipe the tough stains. To be safe, always test this in a little-noticed corner first.

4. Edges, Bezels, and Ports

  • Don’t ignore the screen’s sides or its surrounding components, such as the bezels and ports.
  • With a dry or slightly damp cloth, you can clean them. But take caution! Keep water from entering the perforations.


Be careful and take it slowly. Treat your screen with respect; it’s like a friend. And you now know how to keep it tidy and joyful!

Special Things to Remember When Cleaning Your Screen

In addition to knowing how to properly clean your computer screen, here are some other tips:

Fingerprint Marks

  • When you contact your screen with your fingertips, for example, your screen may occasionally have fingerprint stains. Be delicate when cleaning them. Don’t slam the screen too hard. Use only the soft cloth and the cleaning agents we discussed.
  • Think of your computer screen as a delicate flower. To keep it looking good, you want to treat it well.

Touchscreen Monitors

  • A touchscreen is a display that can be touched and navigated with your finger (like a tablet). However, take care when cleaning it.
  • Be extremely delicate when using the special cloth and the safe liquids. Touchscreens have a similar level of sensitivity to what your skin can feel. A lot of liquid or pressure could depress them.


Keep in mind that maintaining your screen is similar to caring for a treasure. It will remain cheerful and brilliant for a very long time if you are kind to it.

how to clean a monitor screen?

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do When Cleaning Your Screen

There are several things you should definitely do and some things you should avoid when cleaning your computer screen:


  • Be Gentle

Be gentle while you clean. Think of yourself as a small animal, perhaps a kitten or a puppy. For your screen, gentle movements are preferable.

  • Use the Correct Tools

Use the unique cloth we discussed, together with secure substances like distilled water or a mild solution of water and isopropyl alcohol. The ability of these items to clean screens is magical.

  • Follow the Rules

Read the manual that came with your screen if it contains instructions for cleaning it. You can help keep your screen happy and secure by adhering to the guidelines.


  • No Rough Things

Avoid using rough objects, such as paper towels or your shirt. These items could scratch your screen since they are too abrasive for it.

  • Don’t Get Too Wet

Use moderate amounts of water. It’s similar to bathing your screen, and screens dislike baths. Additionally, avoid immediately spraying liquids on the screen. It’s like unexpectedly showering your screen!

  • Refrain from Using Strong Things

Avoid using harsh substances such as ammonia-based cleansers or extremely potent solutions. Similar to how too much sun can damage your skin, they might damage your screen.


Always keep in mind that if you treat your screen correctly, it will treat you well and last a long time!

Keeping Your Screen Clean and Nice

Once you’ve cleaned your computer screen, it’s smart to keep it that way. Here’s how:

Regular Cleaning

  • You should frequently clean your screen just like you occasionally cleaned up your space. Create an agenda, such as once each week or once per month. This prevents dust from making a home on your screen.
  • Like brushing your teeth every day, regular cleaning keeps things healthy.

Good Habits

  • Try to avoid using your fingertips to contact the screen excessively. It’s comparable to refraining from smearing mud on your clothes. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and fingerprints.
  • Wash your hands after any snacks you consume while using the computer. The screen might become soiled from greasy fingertips.
  • Keep your computer space tidy as well. A dust-free environment helps keep your screen clean as well because dust can originate from anywhere.


Stopping dirt is simpler than removing a lot of it. Your screen will stay glossy and functional for a very long time if you take care of it.

Conclusion -How to clean a monitor screen?

It’s crucial to take care of your computer screen. If you clean it correctly, your screen will last a long time and you’ll be able to see everything clearly. Give others these pointers so they can have clean displays as well!

FAQS – How to clean a monitor screen

There are some FAQs related to the question how to clean a monitor screen so lets look at their answers one by one.

What is best to clean a monitor screen?

Use a dry microfiber towel for wiping dust from the screen. Avoid using bleach for cleaning non-porous surfaces like the screen that have fingerprints and smudges; instead, use 70% isopropyl alcohol, a pre-moistened alcohol wipe, a Clorox Disinfecting Wipe, or a Clorox Disinfecting Wipe.

What household items can you use to clean a monitor screen?

Combine 1/4 cup distilled water and 1/4 cup white vinegar in a spray bottle if your screen requires something more powerful. A 1/4 cup each of distilled water and rubbing alcohol will work in the absence of white vinegar.

Can I use Windex on my computer monitor?

The strong chemicals in chemical cleaners like Windex may harm the LCD TV screen. No, you shouldn’t use Windex to clean your TV or computer monitor. Say it with me: I’ll never clean my screen with Windex or any other kind of window cleaner.

Is it safe to use alcohol wipes on a monitor?

Prevent using bleach, rubbing alcohol, and ethanol. These can damage your screen permanently or, at the very least, tarnish its dazzling glossy surface or lovely matte finish.

Is it OK to clean monitor with wet wipes?

No. Any cloth soaked with a cleaning agent (often known as a “wet wipe”) may include chemicals that can peel the coating from the screen, such as alcohol, acetic acid, ammonia, bleach, etc. This is particularly true for screens on laptops and tablets that have anti-reflective coatings for use outside or in bright light.

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